StoreDot: Car Makers Need A Start-up Mindset

StoreDot is encouraging EV manufacturers to adopt more of a start-up mentality to bring revolutionary charging technologies to market faster.

Sono Motors to Sell Its Solar Tech to A New Vehicle Manufacturer

Sono Group announced it has signed a purchase order with a second passenger car manufacturer.

ASIL C Safety Rated Field Current Sensor for Electric Vehicle Powertrain

Allegro MicroSystems, announced the release of ACS37601 high-precision, field current sensor for electric vehicles.

New Polymer Coating Could Enable More Powerful LiON Batteries

Scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) have developed a conductive polymer coating.

cubiX: New Software Promises More Pleasant Driving Experience

ZF's cubiX software controls all chassis systems and ensures harmonious acceleration and braking, precise steering, and balanced damping.